Top quality Additives and Auxiliaries. Anything& everything that a printer needs!! Part of our attempt to cater to all the needs and problems of a printer.


Tack modifiers
Tack Reducer AS/8425 To reduce tack of ink. Also reduces viscosity slightly. Solves problem of Picking of paper.
Synthetic Medium AS/8726 To increase tack of ink and improve litho properties like water-balance etc. Overcomes Scumming problem.
Rheology (Viscosity/Flow) modifiers
Thin Reducer AS/8430 To reduce viscosity of ink. Also reduces the flow.
Offtex Reducer AS/8726 To reduce viscosity of Ink. Does not reduce the flow.
Flow Improver AS/8658 To increase the flow. Overcomes Backing problem.
Thickening Powder AS/8953 To increase viscosity and reduce water pick-up. Overcomes Emulsification.
Drying Accelerators and Retarders
Liquid Drier U/202 General Purpose Liquid Drier To speed up the thorough drying.
Speedofix Drier U/214 To speed up the “surface drying”. Also reduces Set-off problem.
Lithodri Drying Stimulator U/223 Additive for Fountain Solution to enhance drying particularly in very humid conditions.
Drying Retarder AS/8517 To slow down drying of ink if it tends to dry on press. Avoid unless absolutely necessary.
Whites/ Tinting Mediums
Tinting Medium AS/8613 Transparent White for reducing strength of inks or for matching desired Transparent shades.
Super Gloss Medium AS/8772 Transparent White for reducing strength of glossy inks or for matching desired Glossy Transparent shades.
Q.S. White BW/4988 Opaque White for reducing strength of inks or for matching desired Opaque shade.
Supergloss White DW/4190 Opaque White for reducing strength of glossy inks or for matching desired Glossy Opaque shade.
Rub Resistance Improver
Rub Resistance Paste AS/8500 To achieve improved rub resistance and slip. Do not add in case job is to be varnished/ laminated.


Anti-Set Off Spray Powders
Unispray S/5400 Fine Powder with narrow particle size distribution and good flow.
Fine Spray Powder S/5410 Ultra-fine powder with narrow particle size distribution and excellent flow.
Ultra Spray Powder S/5415 Ultra-fine powder with narrow particle size distribution. Compatible with over-printing varnishes/lamination.
Fountain Solution
Conc. Fountain Solution S/9800 Concentrated Fountain Solution. Desired pH=5.0 is achieved by adding 1 part to 100 parts of water. (1%).
Ecopal Fount CS/8600 Eco-friendly Low VOC Substitute to IPA for Alcohol Damping Systems.
Change over Auxiliaries
Rubber Wash U/209 Low aromatic Solvent for cleaning plate, blanket & rollers. Increases roller life.
Washout Solution A/3601 Thin coat on plate preserves the plate image from oxidation on storage, making it capable of reuse.
No Wash-Up Spray U/222 Spray on inking rollers during changeover, make-ready, electricity failure, etc increases press stability.

Over Print Mediums (O. P. Mediums)

Oil-based Over Print Medium (OPM)
O.P.Medium BS/8455 Quick-setting gloss O.P.Medium with excellent rub resistance. Suitable for wet-on-wet printing.
Special Gloss O.P.Medium CS/8483 Super-gloss O.P.Medium with good setting and rub resistance.
Matt O.P. Medium BS/8539 Quick-setting O.P.Medium with excellent matt finish. Beautiful effects can be obtained by spot coating.
Aqua (Water-based Coatings)
Aquacoat CS/8799 Water-based roller coating with good gloss & rub-resistance
UV Unicure O. P. Mediums
  • Ink-duct
  • Roller
  • Flexo
  • Screen