Our Profile

United Ink is the largest Indian offset ink company and is the most preferred Ink brand among the high quality segment of the industry in India and abroad. United Ink is catering to the printing ink requirements of thousands of Printing presses spread all over India and abroad.

The company pioneered the concept of Backward Integration in Printing Ink Industry way back in 1976, thus becoming self-sufficient in Resins, Varnishes, Printing Ink Media, Concentrates, Additives and Auxiliaries. Simultaneously the company strengthened In-house Product Research & Development and Technical Services capabilities all for ‘customer delight’ . The efforts yielded such great results, that the resin activity soon became an independent business for the group. For 69 years , customers have relied on our proven expertise for consistent product developments for specific application needs. United Ink thus has a background of Printing Ink manufacturing with invaluable KNOWLEDGE base and Goodwill, unmatched for more than six decades.

The group handles two major businesses – both in the organized sector and both among the top 3 in the industry and striving to be the best.

Our Philosophy

Six decades, three generations and one mission- “To produce and offer the best inks to the printing industry” and set Industry Standards. With a rich tradition of over six decades and a strong commitment to excellence, the pioneer s in the field of printing ink in India – United Inks has been a force to reckon with and has carved a niche in the field of offset printing.

Our Strength and Uniqueness

  • Maintaining International Quality Standards.
  • Consistent Quality Control with no batch variations over decades.
  • Prompt Technical support & service to meet exacting customer’s requirements.
  • Continuous Development to meet exact requirement of customers.
  • Mixing and Matching centers at various locations for instant ink needs.

The promoters of the business – the Sathaye family, are known and recognized in the industry as pioneers of Offset Inks in India. Mr.Dhananjay M. Sathaye, Chairman & Managing Director (CMD), himself a Printing Ink and Resin Technologist, has been President of the All-India Printing Ink Manufacturers Association (AIPIMA),and Chairman of Indian Resin ManufacturersAssociation (IRMA) and Chairman of Capexil – Western Region , Paint Panel..

Our Plan For Future

UIV group plans to focus on new and allied technologies – Digital, UV and Water-based inks & coatings and further our commitment towards excellence in all that we do.

UIV Group will be actively involved in collaborating with our customers, agents, dealers, allies, and industry stalwarts to ensure that the printing industry continues to excel and grow.

ur motto is to continue giving utmost satisfaction to our customers and gather the esteem of our customers and business partners to bring prosperity to all at micro and macro levels.

Ink business

Customized formulation, excellent quality and consistency, customer focus and timely delivery has made the Brand Image and Goodwill of “United Ink”, well-accepted across India and the globe. The inks are manufactured under competent supervision at the following group companies:

D.S.V Chemicals Pvt Ltd. (DSV)

DSV manufactures most of “United Ink” Four Color Process Inks at a large state-of-the-art facility spread over 35 acres of land in Essambe, and Industrial area near Mumbai. DSV manufactures their own brand of resins and varnishes with our indigenous technology and quality. They are being used by Printing Ink & Paint manufacturers world wide for their specific applications.

United Speciality Inks Pvt. Ltd. (USIL)

USIL handles manufacture of Specialty Inks like Metallic Inks, Fluorescent Inks, Fugitive Inks, Invisible inks, Security Inks as well as the complete range of UV-curable products and other Cut/Spot colours. We also serve diverse markets including labeling, glass decorating, graphic arts, automotive, telecommunications, and high performance industrial coatings.

Our Plan For Future

D.S.V Chemicals Pvt Ltd. (DSV)– www.dsv-chemicals.com

DSV offers a wide selection of products for the surface coating industry covering decorative and industrial paints, protective coatings, printing inks and adhesives under the DSV Brand.
DSV a leading manufacturer and exporter of synthetic resins, has established itself as a very dependable supplier of synthetic resins in the Indian and International market.

Product quality and consistency has been well accepted in the international markets resulting to further expansion programme.
DSV has been awarded ISO 9001: 2000 Certification for the effort invested in systems and quality conformance.
Resins are manufactured at an exclusive facility located at Taloja about 50 Kms. from Mumbai (India) and some of the specialty resins at another location at Essambe about 80 Kms. from Mumbai (India).