Speciality Inks for speciality applications

Lightfast Inks: LF Speedset
For printing jobs requiring High Light fastness to withstand Outdoor exposure.

PS/2741 LF Speedset Yellow

PS/2742 LF Speedset Magenta

PS/2743 LF Speedset Cyan

PS/2744 LF Speedset Black

Metallic Inks – Golds, Silvers and Metallic Shades
Unipak Series: Premium Golds and Silver

U/800 Unipak Five Star Rich Gold

U/810 Unipak Five Star Rich Pale Gold

U/820 Unipak Five Star Pale Gold

U/830 Unipak Five Star Silver

Peerless Series: Economic Golds and Silver

U/630 Peerless Standard Gold

U/635 Peerless Delux Gold

U/311 Peerless Silver

Fluorescent Inks

U/1601 Conc. Fluorescent Yellow

U/1602 Conc. Fluorescent Orange

U/1603 Conc. Fluorescent Pink

U/1604 Conc. Fluorescent Green